Dr Tatiana Trantidou, Senior Project Manager and Team Leader

ITML coordinates the implementation of learning systems distributed over computationally heterogeneous resources, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) methodologies for collecting and analysing in real-time a plethora of internal data (from the Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM), external data (from suppliers and forwarding companies) and public data (from newsfeed), covering the complete logistics supply chain of the production site of a world-leading automotive manufacturer.

Dr. Nikos Nikolaou, Project Manager

ITML as a technology provider is participating in Data Management and Network Analysis activities of the ROXANNE project. In a multi-disciplinary technological field, which stretches the potential of law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime and terrorism, ITML is leading the efforts on social media data ingestion, as well as on information fusion from component technologies.