R&D Projects

  • palaemon

    The PALAEMON project aims to support the safety of passengers and address the increasing need for advanced passenger ship evacuation methodologies by defining a new ICT sophisticated mass centralised evacuation framework.


    ROXANNE is a multidisciplinary project that brings together 24 European partners comprising technology providers and the strongest organizations in the field of crime investigation and monitoring, known as Law Enforcement Agencies.

  • C4IIoT

    The C4IIoT project aims to design, build and demonstrate a novel and unified Cybersecurity 4.0 framework that implements an innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) architecture paradigm to provide an end-to-end holistic and disruptive security-enabling solution for minimising the attack surfaces in Industrial IoT systems.

  • Smartship

    Smartship brings together Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of focused universities, research institutions and strong industrial partners from the maritime sector in order to build a holistic, integrated ICT and IoT-enabled cloud-based framework for sustainable, individualised and completely automated energy management of ships.

  • NewControl

    NewControl overarching goal is to provide an industrially calibrated trajectory towards increased user-acceptance of automated driving control functions, through an approach that is centred on the premise of safety by design.

  • AI4DI

    The AI4DI project aims to combine Industry 4.0 achievements and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate AI adaptation and digitisation of industrial manufacturing lines.


    THREAT-ARREST fills in the gap for an advanced security training framework implemented within any organization type, helping them to cope with the ever-expanding landscape of cyber-attacks and protect effectively and efficiently their ICT cyber-systems.

  • SIT4Energy

    SIT4Energy aims to demonstrate how integrated energy management can be realized through a smart IT solution that considers efficiency potentials in local energy production and consumption.

  • I-BiDaaS

    I-BiDaaS aims to empower IT and non-IT big data experts to easily utilize and interact with big data technologies.