Analytics as a Service

Tailored solutions that extract business insights in a time and cost-efficient manner.



The big data challenge


As diverse data pools are becoming the norm, data variety – in addition to volume and velocity - increases as a source of value, driving more big data investments. In parallel, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) convergence create new opportunities to leverage big data analytics as human and machine data are aggregated, transforming economy and society The market is ready for a new paradigm that empowers business users with the right data analytics tools and gives the true decision-makers the insights they need to make the right decisions.

Business use cases


  • Production Time Estimation 
  • Production Cost Assessment
  • Equipment failure prediction  
  • Production planning optimization 
  • Supply chain & inventory optimization 
  • Human capital management 




3aces business flow

3AS Flow



Value proposition

3aces is a Big data business analytics solution for structured, unstructured and noisy data, aiming to optimize decision-making at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. Users and companies can benefit from any kind of data they already produce and get valuable business feedback about their existing processes, production lines, customers’ habits etc.



3aces features