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User recommendations posted in travel apps and social media are now widely used as evidence to better approach audiences, through digital marketing tactics for destination branding.

Trusted CONtent for TOURism marketing purposes will develop a blockchain-based framework for online, user-generated travel reviews, that ensures: (i) Collecting and integrating multimodal content from user posts related to travel and tourism services; (ii) Guaranteed authenticity, proof of location, privacy, and intellectual property rights for user-generated content; (iii) Delivery of the user-generated content to interested third parties for reuse, for purposes of promoting travel experiences and recommendations in the form of stories; and (iv) Maintaining the traceability to the original publication.

The potential applications of this new approach are a) to provide custom services to interested third parties, like public, tourism organizations and travel agencies, for reusing the generated content and b) to engage users, in providing content to a platform that guarantees ownership and authenticity of the provided information.


The role of ITML

Within CONTOUR, ITML will offer for use the Data Fusion Bus (DFB), a customizable product for data fusion from multiple modality data streams that store, pre-process and make available data in a trustworthy manner. All data collected and stored in DFB will be made available to CONTOUR's User Interface. ITML will also be responsible for the smooth integration of a Blockchain solution in order to implement a decentralized, secure, and trustworthy platform. Finally, ITML will oversee the technical, R&I, and business management of the project.


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